Display number of items in directory?

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Display number of items in directory?

Post by rotvel »

I'm probably overlooking it, but is there a way to automatically have the number of items in a directory displayed?


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Re: Display number of items in directory?

Post by Jeffin90620 »

When you select files, Salamander tells you how many have been selected.

Type <Ctrl>-A to select everything (or use the Numeric Keypad's '+' key to enter a selection wildcard) and Salamander will tell you how many files have been selected (also directories, if relevant).

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Re: Display number of items in directory?

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See also:

Calculating Directory Sizes, Ctrl+Shift+F10
Calculating Occupied Space, Alt+F10
& (don't know what its called, but) pressing the spacebar on a directory entry

Perhaps even an RFE to display count of Files/(sub)Directories (in addition to the currently given size/(top level) directories), at the least for the last item I mentioned above. Such display could appear on the Directory line itself, or at the least on the status line.
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