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Broken images in Markdown viewer

Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 22:01
by zorglups

Happy to see support for Markdown in Altap Salamander.

The viewer shows broken images.

If I right click and select "View Source", notepad opens and I see that the image HTML code is this:
<img src=".%5CzZ_assets%5CAnki.assets%5C1546471044201.png" alt="1546471044201" />

If I save the "viewed source" into an html file and view that html file with the Altap Salamander viewer, the image displays fine.

Is that a known problem ?



Re: Broken images in Markdown viewer

Posted: 18 Sep 2019, 16:59
by SvA
The viewer uses the about: scheme. Since your url did not use it's own scheme, the viewer could not locate the resource.

It's probably the same reason pressing F5 leaves you with an empty screen.

@Altap: maybe add a <base>-tag pointing to the .md's folder in order to fix @zorglups' problem?

Re: Broken images in Markdown viewer

Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 19:12
by SvA
I now tried to add an image myself. Knowing that a relative path does not work I tried an absolute path, including file: scheme. This cause the resulting src property to be the empty string:

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results in

Code: Select all

<img src="" alt="Skizze" />
Is this a bug or a security feature? Do I need to set up a web server in order to be able to embed pictures?