UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

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UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

Post by noetus »

I find the placement of the 'up directory link' strange. Inside the directory means that when I scroll down it scrolls out of view, and I have to scroll back up again to click on it and move up a directory. This becomes a big pain when I am navigating multiple directories with thousands of files (the reason I bought Altap Salamander, for its many excellent features in this use-case).

Also of course it wastes a valuable line of space that I would prefer to use for displaying file details.

Can you add this as a button beside the 'Change Drive' button which is just above the existing location of 'Up-dir'? I find that a much more natural place for it, it wouldn't take up any extra space, and it would no longer scroll out of view. In this location it could still implement the 'drag and drop' feature of the existing 'up-dir' link, too.

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Re: UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

Post by mdruiter »

Click? Just press Backspace to go 'up'!
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Re: UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

Post by Petr Solin »

"up-dir" (name "..") is part of directory listing since MS-DOS, so that's why we place it there. Historical reasons. Moreover you can e.g. copy files to up-dir simply by dragging them to this symbol (as to any other directory).

But if you want to add "up-dir" button beside Change Drive button on panel toolbar, it's very easy. Just click right mouse button to Directory Line (area above panel) and choose last item from context menu: Customize Panel Toolbar. Then double click "Parent Directory" button to move it to toolbar, you can also change order of buttons by mouse drag&drop (in Customize Toolbar window).
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Re: UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

Post by SelfMan »

@noetus, if you want to be more productive, you really have to learn some basic keyboard shortcuts and let the mouse go. In most cases, working with Salamander si much much faster by using the keyboard. Check the documentation - hit F1 in Salamander and open the "Shortcuts: tree menu. The list is pretty long and contains 154 shortcuts for the panels and some more for command line and viewer.
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Re: UPDIR as button instead of inside folder

Post by hrc »

I have gotten used to <ctrl-page up> as the alternative to <bs>. This program great for keyboard users, and much more efficient that way.

Ps. Altap: Sorry for not finishing my Danish translation. I was well under way, but hit a very stressful period. I'll give it a shoot in the holidays, but the PC is rather tied up by the Minecrafters of the family. I'm reduced to being a tablet-man at home.
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