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TAR plugin update

Posted: 23 Dec 2021, 16:03
by vilo
Hi all, I'm sharing a small update of the TAR plugin. I've added support for .xz and .zst archive types. Thanks to Altap staff for help.

See the attachment, download the plugin for your Salamander version, and copy the plugin binary into plugins\tar directory where your Slamander is installed, for example:

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C:\Program Files\Altap Salamander\plugins\tar
Its configuration is not updated automatically, you have to go to the plugin manager, remove the TAR plugin and add it again, and then save configuration (Options/Save Configuration).

Hopefully it will be useful for somebody. If you find any problem, let me know.

And, of course, marry xmas :D

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 24 Dec 2021, 14:03
by Ether
Thanks for this great update, I often wished these compression formats were supported.

After installing the plugin (and saving configuration) I noticed an issue with Salamander. When I start it, it shows me a warning window with "Error Loading Configuration" and "(234) More data is available.". It seems to be related to the configuration stored in "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Altap\Altap Salamander 4.0\Packers & Unpackers\Custom Unpackers\13\Ext", specifically the extensions supported by this new plugin. I haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but it seems its length of 588 is too much for some preallocated buffer and Salamander isn't ready to expand the buffer and re-read the value.

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 28 Dec 2021, 14:06
by Ether
Another report:

I tried to open a .deb file, but the plugin seems to get stuck trying to load the archive (I waited for 5 minutes or so).

This is the file: ... -1_all.deb

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 04 Jan 2022, 10:58
by vilo
Thanks for testing and reporting issues. I'll try to fix them and will post here the updated plugin...

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 07 Jan 2022, 11:29
by vilo
I fixed a few issues with the TAR plugin, I updated the attached archives in the initial post, so you can download it there.

As I can't change the plugin version (otherwise the lang modules will not work), make sure you have the binary from 7.1.2022.

Enjoy :)

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 09 Jan 2022, 17:38
by Ether
.deb seems to be fixed. Thanks.

Not sure about "More data" yet.

Re: TAR plugin update

Posted: 10 Jan 2022, 12:46
by tukanos
Thank you for updating the tar plugin. I'm using xz time to time at AS 4.0. I have confirmed that it works for me. Took a xz file and compared the output when unpacked it two different ways and using AS.