Introducing **asume** the Altap Salamander User Menu Editor

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Introducing **asume** the Altap Salamander User Menu Editor

Post by tukanos »

For some time I have been creating an standalone application which is able to manipulate the User Menu at Altap Salamander. I'm now happy and proud that I can introduce asume. Which is used to edit User Menu and you can create as complex User Menu as you wish for.

For a detailed information visit a wiki at: Asume's Wiki

Here is a short summary

1. What it can do?
  • Virtually unlimited tree depth
  • The whole application can be controlled either only via keyboard or mouse (for typing you would have to use some virtual keyboard)
  • Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Moving (up, down, in, out) multiple nodes selection at time
  • Multiple users (having Altap Salamander installed)
  • Multiple salamander versions
  • Unicode (UTF-16) supported; since Altap Salamander does not support unicode you will get probably some weird characters if unicode characters used
  • Node is created just below selected line (at AS it is always created at the end, which can be annoying)
  • The pop-up menu with salamander variables is available exactly the same as is at salamander
  • Every action can be done via mouse, menu, shortcuts, toolbar and adding/removing via pop-up menu
  • The validation checks - user is warned when required information is missing
  • The consistency checks - when doing a save to the Windows registry there is a backup of the current menu before actual save takes place. When a save is successful then the backup is removed.
2. Sounds good, where can I get it?

You can get the source code from: OSDN.NET

3. You don't understand me, where can I download it without compiling it first?

If you want to download a compiled portable version go to the releases link. You want to download the asume_portable_x.x.x.7z, where x.x.x is the version. Currently the newest version is 0.7.0.

The sha256 is f66ae45d1ded66189c47c5e0bcea4d1bd95396608d22c89e9f8507bf62572825 asume_portable_0.7.0.7z

  • view icons when selecting them and at the tree - *.ico, *.dll, *.exe - this will take longer as support has to be written in C
5. Possible features in the future (not planned but considering it)
  • detect 32-bit salamander installed on 64-bit windows (only if there is a strong demand for it)
  • create 32-bit version (I don't needed personally, but if someone needs it and supports me, I'll create it)
  • drag & drop support
  • mass rename - prepend and postpend a string
  • implement undo/redo for the application
6. Missing features
  • no HiDPI support because it is currently no supported at Smalltalk/X. If Smalltalk/X environment will get it so can the asume application.
7. Donation

Should you find the tool useful consider donating via PayPal. Thank you for any donation!

I'm looking forward to your posts here!

P.S. Found even a minor bug in Altap Salamander where if you change from data type to submenu type the submenu retains the icon which was defined for the data type.
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Re: Introducing **asume** the Altap Salamander User Menu Editor

Post by tukanos »

The newest version is now: 0.7.1. Visit the Download 0.7.1 version section

- Cancel button functionality
- Deleting incomplete node by "no" answer when node has a different parent than the one created

The sha256 is 14c278488eff92b6140c6ec6746029df0900e9d6aff6f2ef56823130eec3e5ce asume_portable_0.7.1.7z
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Re: Introducing **asume** the Altap Salamander User Menu Editor

Post by tukanos »

There is a new bugfix release now: 0.7.2. I have moved the project to OSDN from BitBucket which has discontinued the mercurial support. I'll move the source and the wiki also there.

To download it visit the Downloads section

# Added feature:
- if icon edit field is empty and command edit field is filled then first Icon from command field is suggested
# Fixes:
- re-selecting newly created node could confuse the tree. After the fix correct above node is selected
- change icon button right after creating it (without save)
- fixes a node type change without saving and using the arrow pop-up menu
# Project itself
- updated path to reflect move from BB to Swing
- added a SHA256 calculation into the script. This will now update the `asume_portable.sha256`

The sha256 is acb17ec060b88d91c14c3e3c5a82a56283046e876a41f21259ebaf8ae42be972 asume_portable_0.7.2.7z
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