pictview: PNG not displayed correctly

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Re: pictview: PNG not displayed correctly

Post by crystalidea » 21 Jan 2017, 15:43

Not fixed in 3.0.8

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Re: pictview: PNG not displayed correctly

Post by maroon » 19 Dec 2017, 22:55

Unsure if the above Picview problem is related to mine. Seeing this in 32/64bit versions on Win7.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zw1hdr3shfvh ... _xuva?dl=0

F3 Pictview viewer for at least several Salamander versions has error "Unknown type of compression" unless there's an extra amount of image data beyond what's needed. And the required amount of extra data increases as width x height increases.

For an 800x600 image, PNG should only need 800 x 600 / 8 = 60000 bytes, but F3 won't view unless memory image has at least 500 extra bytes (4000 pixels). The extra required by 1024x768 is 640 bytes (5120 pixels), and even more extra is required for larger sizes.

The linked filenames containing 'Error' generate this error in Pictview, but are displayed normal in MS Paint, Windows Photo Viewer, and Windows Live Photo Gallery. However, I did notice that Salamander's Alt-S 'thumbnail view' mode also shows the thumbnail only for the 2 icons that did not generate the error. I didn't find anything in the PNG file format saying it needed to have more image data than displays on screen.

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Re: pictview: PNG not displayed correctly

Post by squeezechart » 18 Oct 2018, 10:28

Yes, it's sad that the PictView plugin is not updated.
I wrote an email back in August of 2017 telling them that PictView fails to correctly read a bunch of files:

Camera raw files of Olympus SH-2, Olympus XZ-2, Olympus XZ-10, Olympus E-M5 Mark II, Olympus E-PL7,
Olympus SP-570uz, Olympus E-PM2, Olympus OM-D-E M5.

It does not open .crw / .cr2 of Canon G7, Canon Powershot 650, Canon Powershot_Sx110is, Canon Ixus 900Ti,
Canon A550, Canon A570is, Canon A610, Canon A620, Canon A710, Canon A720is, Canon Powershot A650,
Canon S2is, Canon S3is, Canon SSis, Canon SD750,Canon SD950.

Most of the samples can be found at: http://raw.pixls.us/
Linking to libraries of Dcraw or libRaw would help.

Do you also plan support for further camera raw formats such as Panasonic .rw2, Sigma .x3f, Samsung .srw
Phase One .iiq, Hasselblad .3fr?

And do you also plan to support .DNG with CCD-Raw formats and different bit depth per channel
and support for mordern formats such as .webp, .bpg, .flif or new .heif format used by upcoming Apple devices?

But there was no response.
I think that they do not update it anymore which is sad

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