Convert all filesnames to UTF-8?

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Convert all filesnames to UTF-8?

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I need to upload a lot of files via FTP, and I wonder if it's possible to use Servant Salamander or a plugin to change to filenames to UTF-8?

Like this
Udbudsbrev åhaven.pdf -> Udbudsbrev Ã¥haven.pdf

Or does anyone know of a tool that can help with it?

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Re: Convert all filesnames to UTF-8?

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My first thought was Everything, but then I thought... "just how", & I wasn't quite sure?

Second thought was Bulk Rename Utility, & since superuser kind of concurs, Convert File Names into UTF (& @ BRU, Character Translations How-To).

Beware of gotchas (just some links):
My filenames became unreadable after uploading the files via FTP. What can I do?
Character Set Conversion
Filename encoding and interoperability problems
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Re: Convert all filesnames to UTF-8?

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I suggest avoiding UTF8 characters in file names and use pure ascii. You will avoid many "strange problems".
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