Open Source Initiative

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Open Source Initiative

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I very welcome the new version, although I personally do not benefit from HiDPI enhancements (yet).
On the other hand I am sad that the features I do care about most (UAC, Unicode, long file paths) have become unlikely to ever happen.

I have understanding for your decision to not opensource the core application and consider it very generous of you to offer to opensource diverse plugins.

Now that the entire application starts to depend increasingly on keeping plugins up to date, I would like you (the original developers and the community) to make an effort to get the SDK documentation translated, in order to help promote community engagement.

The readme says:
Due to lack of time the documentation is available only in Czech as
comments in the header files. We hope the community will help us
translate it to English and convert to HTML/PDF format.
May I ask some reader to please post this request to the Czech forum also.
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Re: Open Source Initiative

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Yeah, talking about a major disappointment to me, you and others who have been waiting for years for these features. While i have been using win explorer in combination with Salamander as workaround when it comes to unicode hoping one day i don't have to do it this way plus we were told it's being worked on it past 2 years and suddenly just to find out the company is sold and work on the core has "completely" stopped. No choice but to continue with win explorer *sigh*
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Re: Open Source Initiative

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If Salamander goes opensource, I might at least help with some bugfixing and (minor) PRs. Although I am probably not going to implement any huge changes such as Unicode support.
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Re: Open Source Initiative

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