dropdown of directories from Directory line

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dropdown of directories from Directory line

Post by teutonic »

I would love to see a dropdown list for each directory in the Directory Line, similar to the way it is done in Windows Explorer
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Re: dropdown of directories from Directory line

Post by SelfMan »

May I ask why? You already have the list in the view itself. For quick access, you only need to enterthe first 2 or 3 characters of the directory's name.
If you need to move between previously viewed folders, then use ALt+arrow left, to move back in the history. Or Alt+F12 to enter the list of work directories.
To utilize Salamnder's powers, you need to avoid the use of a mouse/touchpad and learn atleast some keyboard shotcuts. Its so much quicker then moving the mouse pointer around.

Run Salamander, hit F1, and in the help open Shortcuts > Keybooard shortcuts and read all of them. You might find some you didnt know about and which can make your work process with files much effective.

If you have a list of folders you are accessing the most, add them to the 10 hot paths (CTRL+1 to 0 on the keyboard)
If you have more of them, you can utilize the user menu as I've described in a previous post of mine.
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