find and replace text in several files

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find and replace text in several files

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I know altap capable to search text string, and after I found it, how can I make changes to all files without opening one by one. Another application works better is text crawler, where you can find and replace text on several files.



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Re: find and replace text in several files

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Salamander hasn't got any internal editor, and I guess that any Search & Replace function would be dependent on the presence of such editor. You should use other (specialized) tools.

If you want to invoke that command directly from Salamander, you've got several not-very-straightforward options:
  • To invoke from the Find window, you could put an item in the User Menu that takes a list of files and then asks for the search and replace strings, if you find such tool. (Or it doesn't ask, but you have to edit the User Menu item every time you want different parameters.)
  • If invoking from the regular panel suffices, an Automation script could be useful, if someone writes it.
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