Extract to FTP and SCP

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Extract to FTP and SCP

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As a web developer, this has been a pain for me for a long time. I often have directories full of archives in which I need to extract single files within them to remote servers, which as of now is not supported.

Instead of supporting a simple F5 copy to the other pane (FTP or SCP client), I must extract the archive to a local directory, copy the file, then delete the directory. Doing this multiple times a day gets monotonous to say the least. Not to mention, it requires me to lose my place in a long directory of archives, forcing me to scroll all around in order to interact with directories vs files. Support for this does not sound complicated, as it is already supported for local copy operations, so why not FTP/SCP?

It should be noted the popup error message says "yet", and has for years now.
Note the "yet" in the message, which has been there for *years*
Note the "yet" in the message, which has been there for *years*
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