Version 3.06 focus lost

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Version 3.06 focus lost

Post by keebellah » 30 Jun 2015, 09:12

Good morning,
I really didn't notice this until last week, but I have the feeling that something changed with version 3.06 (64 and 32 bit)
I frequently copy files from one folder to another using F5 or after usign Ctrl+F10 (comparing files and (sub)folders) from one panel to the other.

What I notices that after the copying is finished, the focus is no longer on SS and that I have to click the application window to continue.

To make user I was not mistaken, I used tested it on my other PC where I still run version 2.54 and that does not happen there.
I compared the Configuration settings but cannot find a reason

Both Systems run W7.

Any idea why this happens?
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Jan Rysavy
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Re: Version 3.06 focus lost

Post by Jan Rysavy » 30 Jun 2015, 10:48

Do you use TeamViewer on your computer?

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