automate - unpack multiple (protected) archives

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automate - unpack multiple (protected) archives

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hello, i am new here. I am facing the following 'problem'.

I use the unpack multiple achives plugin. This plugin i run against a folder which consists of many subfolders and each subfolder has one or more archives in it. The problem i am facing is that all these archives are password protected (encrypted - i know the password).
So when running the plugin it keeps asking me for the password. But i have to enter my password each time he passes a new archive. In my case i would have to type my password more then 1000000 times for all my archives to be unpacked.

I use 7-Zip as unpacker.

Is there a way to pass my password to the script so i do not have to enter every time my password?

Many thanks, Jurgen
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Re: automate - unpack multiple (protected) archives

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Do you use the same password for every archive?
If so, you could set up a new unpacker that includes the password as one of its parameters.

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7z.exe  -pxxx  "%*"
(Or whatever the case may be.)
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