Feature: restore the deleted file (Undo)

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Would you like to have a feature for quick restoring deleted files?

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Feature: restore the deleted file (Undo)

Post by crystalidea »

Every time I delete a file(s) and then need to restore them from the recycle bin, I need to open a new window (recycle bin), then restore - especially troublesome when the're many files - manually selecting them in the recycle bin window - this is really a trouble.
Are you planning to make a Redo feature (Ctrl+Z, etc) for such tasks?

I suppose many people want this feature to exist.
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Re: Feature: restore the deleted file

Post by Thierry »

XPiS wrote:Are you planning to make a Redo feature (Ctrl+Z, etc) for such tasks?
You mean "Undo", I guess.
Of course, it would be great to be able to set the Undo history size, and that Undo works on renames, too... ;)
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Post by legion »

Actually this makes sense.. With this feature in SS I would actually see a reason to have a recyclebin.. I usually never use the recyclebin feature..

I might even say it would be nice if SS had a recyclebin option all by it self. One that could be configured to automatically be active on configurable file types. The only types I feel I need a recycle bin for is stuff like .doc .txt and similar. So I would believe there would be a general appreciation for some sort of SS-Trashcan feature.
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