MTP (Microsoft's Multimedia Transfer Protocol) support.

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MTP (Microsoft's Multimedia Transfer Protocol) support.

Post by zaw » 16 Dec 2005, 03:06

I bought me a NON-Ipod MP3 player and it only support MTP, I had a older MP3 play which was UMS and it was nice and easy to xfer files using SS because it shows up as a disk drive.

But this New iRiver MP3 player only support MTP, which only way to get around was to use bloated windows media player or use windows explorer for drag drop operation. I havn't yet to find any 3rd party support for MTP yet that make my life easier. I know which MP3 files I want to have on my Player, I don't need something that read ID3 and make play list etc or automatically sync. I just want to do INS, INS, INS, INS, INS---F5. Would be very nice to have MTP support in SS because all the mp3 player are now MTP only. Possiblily iPOD one will be also cool.


I second that...

Post by gworley » 30 Mar 2006, 04:16

I hate to Explorer doesn't have the features....

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MTP device support

Post by mico » 18 Feb 2007, 01:15

With Windows Media Player 11 this functionality is added to Windows XP and the MP3 player is displayed in "My Computer" next to mobile devices (which SS supports.)

Is it now possible for SS to support MTP devices by using the Windows Media extensions? I guess the same could apply to digital cameras since this is essential the same framework? This would be a useful feature.

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Re: MTP (Microsoft's Multimedia Transfer Protocol) support.

Post by Jan Rysavy » 23 Jan 2016, 10:36

See Portable Devices plugin.