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get some inspiration from bulk rename

Post by Georg »

I just stumbled across which is a nice utility for prople not using Servant Salamander. I still prefer BatchRename plugin but miss some of the features of BRN. Most important to me are:

favorites / saved settings. would speed up recurring renames massively, especially for complex reg ex. Currently I store the required stuff in a text file - not very convienient...

Log activity to a text log file and allow to create from log an "Undo" batch file or (just opposite order) a "repeat" batch file.

Very nice to have is: Availability of EXIF dates & file modification dates and date shift operations to rename images in one go. Currently my workflow is as following:
1) copy images of all cameras to seperate folders (as XnView loads thumbnails which is slower on camera memory than on HDD)
2) shift the time of pic files (using a self-written tiny dumb util), so that the same time for one event is used in all picture files across all cameras (without this step, time zone differences and inaccuracy in time settings make slideshows a horror trip as one is jumping back and forward in time)
3) use to prepend the date Y-m-d H-M-S to the file names, so all pics will be in correct time order
4) use BatchRename to do RegEx renamings
5) merge all folders

I imagine something like "$(EXIFDateTaken:-3m20s)" for "new name" field to perform directly on camera memory (as BatchRename does not require to read all thumbails) and at the same time doing the RegEx's. Then just move all to the joint dir on HDD. Done. IMHO this is WAY easier.

In case EXIF is too difficult to implement, DateModified would be sufficient as well - it is needed for movies, their tumbnails and picture-attached sounds anyway, as they do usually not carry EXIF infos.

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Import something from Total Commander exif?

Post by dsznajder »

Maybe Batch Renamer could import Exif stuff from Total Commander exif plugin?
Source is awaylable, but I'm not shure about licence.
Dariusz Sznajder

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Re: Concerning $(Time:HH:mm:ss)

Post by Georgd »

Lukas Cerman wrote:The default value comes from your locale settings in your operating system. As most nations have colons inside the time specification it might be usefull to implement some post-processing of these locale dependent values returned by OS. I have this fix alerady at my todo list.
Lukas, it seems to be hard to implement a solid post-processing as it's not there after 6 years. Probably it's very easy to add a field "Time format string" in the plugin's configuration; I image it to be initially set to the current default and allow users to edit the string. This way, users could directly insert their preferred format, so they don't need to change every time the separators and/or order the time parts. What do you think about that?
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