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Customizable shortcuts

Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 16:54
by camper
I'd like to have customizeable shortcuts. I don't care whether it needs messing in a text file as long as I can change certain default shortcuts.

E.g. I want to be able to use cursor-left (or backspace) to go one directory level up or cursor-right (or enter) to dive into a directory.

Re: Customizable shortcuts

Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 20:09
by SelfMan
Excuse me, are you joking?
Backpace and Enter key do what you are talking about. Exit or enter directory.
These are the oldest keyboard functions in Salamander.
Alt+ arrow left/right move through the history of visited folders.

You should really read the help. Press F1 in Salamander, go to Shortcuts > Keyboard shortcuts and learn about all of them.

Re: Customizable shortcuts

Posted: 16 Sep 2017, 07:09
by camper
Of course do Backspace and Enter work - that's what I'm using since ages. But I'd like to add "Lynx-like motion" (for those who know Midnight Commander from Linux/OS X) where you can use the Cursor-Left and Cursor-Right keys to go one level up or down.