ListOfSelectedNames separtor character

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ListOfSelectedNames separtor character

Post by therube » 14 Oct 2015, 22:52

ListOfSelectedNames | ListOfSelectedFullNames separator character.

It might be useful to have the ability to specify the separator used, instead of only have a space.

$(ListOfSelectedNames) or $(ListOfSelectedNames): defaults to the currently used space.

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$(ListOfSelectedNames):: uses ':'
$(ListOfSelectedNames):| uses '|'
$(ListOfSelectedNames):, uses ','
$(ListOfSelectedNames):\r uses a newline
Not really pressing, as you can work around a particular needed format need by passing the $(ListOfSelectedNames) to a file, then using a preset batch file to manipulate as needed from there.

But something like that could still come in handy.

(Or a $(ListOfSelectedNames)$(CRLF)-like syntax to be more like Make File LIst...)
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