Temp panel

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Temp panel

Post by eblis »

Could you add a temp panel ? The features should be something like the ones found in FAR's temp panel. There are times when you need to copy files/folders from different locations to a single location. Doing it the manual way, copying one folder at a time would be tedious. The user could "copy" all files/folders to a temp panel - in fact only the link to the actual folder would be stored (removing an entry from the temp folder wouldn't detele the actual data, only the link) - check the size, manage the folders inside the temp panel and then, when finished, he could copy the temp panel to the destination. I know that something similar to the temp panel has been requested here but it doesn't seem to be the same thing.

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Post by SvA »

The virtual folders you are linking to are just an extension (superset) of Temp folders you are requesting, as I understand. The former possibly differing from the latter in that you can define as many virtual folders as you like, and that they remain and keep it's content from session to session.

In what way do you think you proposition of a Temp pannel was superior to virtual folders for any given task?

And what do you think about queued copy/move operations? would it accomplish what you like to get improved? See this thread for some hints on this.

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Post by eblis »

Thanks for the reply.
The downside to queued copy/move is that the operation is running while you're queueing other files/dirs. I would like the opportunity to remove some of the files i've copied to the temp panel (maybe because i don't want them, maybe because there's not enough space) before actually starting to copy/move the data.

The virtual folders thread that i linked to explains them more like hardlinks and junctions; it seems to require that the virtual folders exist somewhere on the drive whereas the temp panel would only exist in salamander.

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Post by Ether »

I'd appreciate this feature, too. But my opinion on the behaviour differs a little. I think it'd be useful, when one could delete the real files from their respective original locations.

A little example: I want to gather all of my downloaded wallpapers to one directory and I certainly don't want to have them twice. I know it's not an operation that would require a temp panel, but I wanted to present the need for possibility to operate with the real files.

There will have to be some new commands, maybe using some easily accessible switch:
switch active] Operate with real files:
F4] edit the actual file
F5] copy the file, leave the link in the temp panel
F6] move the file, the link is obsolete, so remove it (maybe relink it to the new location)
F8] delete the actual file, remove the link

switch inactive] Operate with links:
F4] unavailable / edit a temporary copy (like with the archives), which will be deleted once the link is removed
F5] copy the file, leave the link
F6] copy the file, remove the link
F8] remove the link

I think that the programming isn't difficult, but I see a problem with this behaviour being not very clear for the user.

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