Forward slashes a path separator

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Forward slashes a path separator

Postby SvA » 04 Jan 2017, 16:01

Forward slashes '/' have always been accepted by the Windows kernel. I don't know how widely it is supported, but generally it works just fine. (On the command line you usually need to quote a path containing forward slashes, and are dependent on how the called program interprets it's parameters.)
Here the first link I found related to the topic: When did Windows start accepting forward slash as a path separator?
And here is another good read about it's background: Why is the DOS path character "\"?

Salamander seems to partially accept it. I just copied such a path from a config file into Salamander's (2.54) Search window:
C:/Users/Me/Document/ resulted in a search result containing C:/Users/Me/Document/\Folder\File.ext (Note the rather uggly but otherwise functionally fine /\ part.)
The internal viewer refuses to show the file, so does Focus
With the trailing slash removed from the "Search in" box Focus works
With the first slash removed (i.e. C:\Us...) the internal viewer works

Could Salamander please handle these, and similar cases, either by supporting '/' throughout, or by transforming all path from outside of it (UI, text files, command line, ...) to the canonical format.

Petr Solin
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Re: Forward slashes a path separator

Postby Petr Solin » 04 Jan 2017, 21:34

Thanks for reporting this bug. I'll fix it. I'll also try to find other places where Salamander is not working well with slashes in paths.

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