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DROPFAKE on taskbar

Posted: 06 May 2009, 05:52
by red_puppy
Hi -
I just noticed the word DROPFAKE on my taskbar today (screen grab) under Windows XP Pro SP3. It still appears after a reboot. I did a Google search for 'dropfake' and 'dropfake taskbar' and only came up with one hit on the Altap forum: which doesn't correspond to what I observe. But for that search result I wouldn't have suspected Servant Salamander could be involved, but it's all I have to go on. Clicking, double clicking and hovering the mouse above the word does nothing. I am baffled. Does anybody else have any clues? I am using Salamander version 2.52 beta 1. Thanks

Re: DROPFAKE on taskbar

Posted: 06 May 2009, 12:36
by Petr Solin
Sorry for troubles! To remove this "toolbar" just right click it and choose Toolbars submenu and click on DROPFAKE item.

This happens when you drag&drop files from archive or filesystem (from Salamander) to taskbar. DROPFAKE is just an empty directory placed in TEMP directory, it is used to get the target path of drag&drop operation and when it fails (e.g. this case with taskbar), it is unintentionally moved/copied (Salamander displays messagebox with warning that it could happened).

Re: DROPFAKE on taskbar

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 04:40
by red_puppy
Petr -
Thanks for the quick and complete answer to my question including the event that resulted in DROPFAKE on taskbar. My minor problem was solved with your help and I learned a bit more about the taskbar as well. I apologize to take so long to thank you for your help.