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by ADB
04 Jul 2010, 14:47
Forum: Language Translations
Topic: About Translations
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Re: About Translations

I would be OK to help you to translate SS into French.
Telle me how to proceed
Arnaud Dupin (ADB)
by ADB
04 Jul 2010, 14:35
Forum: Language Translations
Topic: Setting of Altaptrl
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Setting of Altaptrl

I just downloaded the set to translate Salamander into French.
But impossible to start "start makelang.js script in Automation plugin" from Salamander.
I've changed the directory in shell.reg, changes all, but still nothing.
How can I work?
by ADB
08 Dec 2006, 00:16
Forum: Problems and Troubleshooting
Topic: Saving et retrieving directory
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Saving et retrieving directory

Hi I remember that in earlier version, Salamander was opening itself on the last directories I had left open bzefore to close it. Presently, I don't find this feature or the way to indicate it to Salamander. Could you explain me? Thks ADB PS: anyway, this is the best explorer I found in the world. A...
by ADB
16 Mar 2006, 12:59
Forum: Problems and Troubleshooting
Topic: Editors & Viewers
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Editors & Viewers

OK, everything fine now.
I had to uninstall beta 10 and beta 11, then reinstall beta 11.
Seems there is a more complete list of extensions now.