Search not working in v3.08

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Search not working in v3.08

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I recently upgraded to v3.08 from v3.06 (new machine with Windows 10 rather than Windows 7). Search no longer works at all. It is unable to find any files if I search for content. I've reinstalled v3.06 and search is working again, so this appears to be a v3.08 bug.

It appears there are problems with search even for v3.06, however. It's unable to search certain files. I can search .cs files, for instance, but not .svb files (no, don't ask why I have those, it's due to a stone-age tool I have to use).

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Re: Search not working in v3.08

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Are the files in UTF8 or Unicode?
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Re: Search not working in v3.08

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A sample .svb file?

You're talking about Find (Alt+F7) & further 'Search file content'?
What are you searching for & what settings do you have enabled (including Advanced, if any)?
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