7zip archive crashes file manager app

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7zip archive crashes file manager app

Post by def »

Windows 10.0.18363.1139 Pro x64
Altap Salamander 4.0 (both architectures x86&x64)
7-Zip 1.31
7za.dll 16.04

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create 7z archive thought command line version of 7-Zip with "-si" command line switch (simple example attached);
2. Try to open that archive in Altap Salamander.

Expected Result:
1. Browse 7-zip archive as a list of files with name of archive except extension ".7z". (as in 7z File manager)
2. When plugin crashed in Altap Salamander fallback to previous view and report plugin error.

Actual Result:
Altap Salamander file manager crashes.
Example archive for bug report
(98 Bytes) Downloaded 58 times
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Re: 7zip archive crashes file manager app

Post by tukanos »

I do confirm that the 7zip file crashes the AS 4.0
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Re: 7zip archive crashes file manager app

Post by SvA »

It is not the -si switch per se, that causes AS to crash. Rather it is the missing (or empty?) filename. Nevertheless, crash does it.
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