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Everything plugin

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Here is similar proposal for Locate plugin. I am a long time avid Locate32 user and fan and I regard Locate32 highly as a tool which is low in demands on memory, disk and CPU and high in the speed area.

But, when I tried for the first time Everything, it literally blew me out (and Locate too). Everything is small, speedy, logical, intuitive, use minimal resources, has real-time updating, has even embedded FTP and HTTP server for file sharing, etc. This tool utilize NTFS change journal logging and it works like magic. This is probably only weak point of this tool, because it works only on NTFS volumes.

Everything Search Engine:

I recommend to everyone to test just the latest beta version which added many important features, like Unicode support for example. On download page is even prepared SDK for IPC.

One small comparison:
I have 204060 files and 14356 folders on my HDD, for this number of objects Locate db size is 11.5 MiB and Everything db size is 1.04 MiB.