Solved: Use SS as the default WindowsXP Folder Explorer

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Wizard of Frobozz
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Solved: Use SS as the default WindowsXP Folder Explorer

Post by Wizard of Frobozz » 15 Feb 2015, 23:35

a few minutes ago, i posted a question that is still awaiting moderation.
This should supersede that post, thank you.
i'm a new member of the forums so i cannot email you yet.
The issue has been solved this way...
under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\Shell,
i added a key (View), subkey (command), and value to the new command key as illustrated here:


Then, in a regular explorer window made VIEW the default by choosing
Tools > Folder Options > File Types > Folder > Advanced > View > Set Default >OK
In a right -click context menu on any folder still has the option to Explore or Open in the regular windows explorer.
I used the -O option to avoid many instances of SS
and the -L option, because If SS is not already open, the directory is opened in both panes, although this could be useful.

ALSO: I made 2 registry entries. called ViewL, and ViewR, each with command parameters -L and -R respectively.
they appear in the context menu and work like a charm to open a folder in the left or right panes of SS.
The options are minor differences and all of them seem to work as expected with appropriate command line parameters.
i now have several custom context options when opening folders.

thank you for a wonderful product.
I'll probably upgrade to V3 now that it is more useful in this way.
Hope this helps anyone who prefers SS to Windows Explorer.