Buying registration keys again

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Buying registration keys again

Post by Rishare » 26 Oct 2014, 15:57


because I liked SS2 I bought registration keys for all machines I'm running. One of the main reasons was that the webshop said that the registration keys will be working with future upgrades. Now I upgraded to version 3, registration key was succesfully imported and worked perfectly so I upgraded all my machines. And now after few months of everything fine the program said that the registration key is not valid anymore.

That's very frustrating - so I have to buy new registration keys for almost 3500,-CZK or downgrade back on all the machines where I made upgrade?

1. Why did the program accepted my registration key and un-valid it after a while?! (after I did the upgrade on all other devices) That's not very serious.
2. How long will be the new registration key accepted (when is planned to change to version 4.0)?
3. How can I figure which versions will accept my key and which not?

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Re: Buying registration keys again

Post by tukanos » 27 Oct 2014, 12:43

Edit: Since the post was moved. I'll post my opinion too.

Your key will be valid for the 2.x forever. However, as with all new products you will have to pay for the upgrade to 3.x. It is same as with car if you have it for 10 years, you will probably want to keep it - the version 2.x. If you want to buy a new one you have to pay.
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Re: Buying registration keys again

Post by Ether » 29 Oct 2014, 19:52

Your keys are valid for all versions 2.x. Versions 3.x temporarily accept them only as a courtesy because of problems with the e-shop. See
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Re: Buying registration keys again

Post by Moder_20 » 05 Nov 2014, 13:44

You have to buy keys for valid version

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