How to match tab while searching?

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How to match tab while searching?

Post by otrov »

I was searching for files containing regex pattern where Tab was one of the queries, and didn't get result although I knew there is at least one.
It turns out that AS in some places doesn't support common "\t", "\d", "\w", "\s" ... regex placeholders, but it treats them as literal character: "t", "d", ...
OTOH, in file rename dialog, using above regex pattern is without issue.

Why is it like this, and how can I search for Tab character with Internal Viewer for example?

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Re: How to match tab while searching?

Post by Petr Solin »

You are right \t and others are not supported in internal viewer nor in Find window. Renamer plugin uses newer regexp library which supports these metacharacters. We will have to update older regexp library also to support Unicode, so then it will support \w and others.

Now you can bypass missing \t simply by using directly tab character in internal viewer or Find window. You can copy tab character to clipboard from any text editor (e.g. notepad.exe), just write it (press Tab key), select it, copy it (Ctrl+C). Then paste tab to Find/Containing text box directly from clipboard (Ctrl+V).

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