Comparison & staying Up-to-date

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Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by canefield »

Dear Altap,

Altap Salamander is one of the best, but you updates, upgrades and/or innovations are far back beyond. There should be a bunch of new features available (additional viewers and much more) and problems should be fixed. I think that TotalCMD is even better at the moment. That can be true, isn't?

Furthermore, is it not an idea and time (published something related a long time ago) for you to update the comparison between the alternative like posted on your site. This to give the people a better look and feel and that you are comparing with actual software competitions (+versions). Let see that Altap Salamander (AS) is the best!
For example, you compare AS 2.5 (formely Servant Salamander 2.5) with Total Commander 6. That is very outdated. Inform you customers with actual news and features and software development like new versions.

Altap Salamander should always be up-to-date and therefore very functional and useful.
ETA of new versions?
I hope that you guys have the time and are willingly to do so.


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Re: Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by SelfMan »

Do you really expect a new version every 4 weeks? Because the 2.4 was released on 2010-09-02
I'll rather wait and get a VERY stable application with minimum of bugs then a buggy crashing piece of code.

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Re: Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by Ether »

canefield wrote:Altap Salamander should always be up-to-date and therefore very functional and useful.
Salamander *is* up-to-date. It's not like a Microsoft or Adobe product and doesn't have to be updated every other week. There are very little bugs and not so many new features. Unfortunately, the upcoming improvements (x64 and UAC support, updated website) are not going to be so apparent, although they're going to affect a lot of people and are very needed.
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Re: Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by Jan Patera »

I think that Canefield mainly refers to the web pages where Salamander is compared with competition. The 5 (?) years old pages compare Servant Salamander 2.0 with versions of competition that were available at that time. Seems to me that only very recently 2.0 in these pages was replaced with 2.5, but the old name (Servant) and screenshots remained, I can't speak about the other text content, my memory is not that good ;-)

But I must agree with SelfMan & Ether that AS is *very* stable and nearly bug-free. Bugs are fixed very quickly.

We have had 2 official releases this year (plus several public betas).

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Re: Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by omega »

Comparing Salamander 2.5 with other outdated file managers isn't fair. Development pretty much stopped for Volkov Commander and Dos Navigator 10(+) years ago so the new website should be comparing with TotalCMD v7 and a couple of other up to date programs or just leave the comparison out.

I think Altap works quite fast on bug fixes and their program is very stable. Also Altap needs to change to other version of Visual Studio and support UAC, x64, Unicode etc. These are big functionalities and will take lots of time to code/test.

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Re: Comparison & staying Up-to-date

Post by JohnFredC »

Salamander's advantages are speed and stability plus (IMO) a more rational approach to the UI and esp. to popup dialog design (I'm always in favor of more dialog functionality as opposed to less). Unfortunately such subtle things are not conducive to tabular comparisons between softwares.

The Altap team should completely disable tabular comparisons. The competitors (each in its own way) are far ahead of Salamander in implementing the "modern" perspective of file organization via metadata. Whether it be hierarchical favorites, user-designed metadata columns, virtual folders, or support for MS libraries, most competitors have layered additional utility on top of basic file management functionality and, in many instances, this is to their very great productivity advantage over Salamander. There are nay-sayers who deny finding such enhancements useful, but for many of us these new paradigms of managing file resources have become essential tools.

I am confident that eventually Altap will adopt one or more of the above mentioned approaches and in all likelihood the team's implementations will be superior to the competitors'. In the meantime, however, improvements to the infrastructure of the product ("Visual Studio, UAC, x64, Unicode") are many orders of magnitude more important for the Altap team to address.

I'll can wait patiently for the future, but unfortunately there is work that has to be done now. This means using a competitor's product because in the long term it is a more efficient approach to file management than Salamander's legacy files/folders implementation.
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