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Hey Altap,

Is it not an idea and time for you to update the comparison between the alternative like posted on your site. This to give the people a better look and feel and that you are comparing with actual software competitions (+versions). Let see that Altap Salamander (AS) is the best!

For example, you compare AS 2.5 (formely Servant Salamander 2.5) with Total Commander 6. That is very outdated. Inform you customers with actual news and features and software development like new versions.
Another example, see you 'Highlights', there are messages way back of 2006 uphill 2009. You can see it for yourselfs, current messages are sober. Again, send out the message that AS 2.5 is the best and keep us (customers) posted. Your emission is your invitation!

I hope that you guys have the time and are willingly to do so.


PS: I have reposted this topic because I do not see any improvement!

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Re: Up-to-date

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We are preparing the website update.

What would really help: independent posts on your (AS users) sites, blogs, tweets, etc.

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