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slow display of thumbnails

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 00:42
by red_puppy
If I have a directory with many JPEG image files when I set the View to Thumbnails in a Salamander pane it is very slow to display them, they generate one at a time. A directory of 650 images will take several minutes to display all the thumbnails and they are not persistent. If I change to another directory and then back again or to detailed view then back to thumbnails, all the thumbnails have to regenerate again and it takes as long as before. I am looking for anything to speed the display of thumbnails up. The only Help I could see that might be pertinent was for PictView under Advanced, ignore original thumbnails stored in image files but either way, checked or unchecked, display of thumbnails is slow. In contrast, thumbnails displayed by Windows File Explorer for the same directory are almost instantaneous and larger. I would appreciate any suggestions to improve the speed of display of thumbnails in Salamander version 3.08 64bit. Thank you

Re: slow display of thumbnails

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 10:23
by SvA
I don't know if this works / still works for up to date versions of AS / there is an up to date version of this plugin available, but it appears to be what you are looking for: Explorer Thumbnails Plugin

Windows explorer caches it's thumbnails in a hidden file Thumbs.db in each folder where it finds images. AS does not do any caching.
I assume that thumbs view is much faster in AS if you configure AS to use embedded thumbnails and make sure there are embedded thumbnails in the files, especially if the images are hi-res.

Re: slow display of thumbnails

Posted: 28 Jul 2017, 17:05
by red_puppy
Hi SvA -
Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the thumbnail plugin you suggested into the plugins folder but an error results when I try to add it using the Plugin manager (screen shot attached) - maybe it wasn't written for 64 bit AS?. There does not appear to be a thumbs.db file in the folder (and it isn't hidden). The choice to use embedded thumbnails seem to be a choice under PictView configuration but not the overall AS configuration.