New version?

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New version?

Post by canefield »


First of all, I have bought this tremendous piece of software!

Altap Salamander is one of the best, but updates, upgrades and/or innovations are far back beyond. They should always be up-to-date and therefore very functional and useful.

Is there any ETA of the new version? What are the major differences and/or changes? Is it faster? Are there new plugins? What is updated and/or added? Any new languages, especially Dutch?

Kind regards,

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Re: New version?

Post by Ether »

For the planned features of the upcoming version, see Altap Salamander Roadmap. An ETA hasn't been given, mostly because Altap wants Salamander to be tested thoroughly before it's released and that takes time (an unknown amount of time). More information can be found in this thread (although it got a little too emotional).
Ελληνικά rulez.

Jan Rysavy
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Re: New version?

Post by Jan Rysavy »

Canefield, we plan to start new website with development blog to keep you informed.
We will also release AS 2.52 beta 2 soon.
For new plugins (from independent developers) please see Plugins Development section.

Thank you for supporting us!

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Re: New version?

Post by vld »

Jan...please shorten the text on the text on the titlebar. All that info about beta and when is it expiring is very annoying...especially since betas tend to go a very long time. Having "Altap Salamander v2.52-ßx" is sufficient....we don't need to know when it expires. If it is expired, it doesn't run.

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