Vista security integration issues

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Vista security integration issues

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Sent this to Jan - and have been asked to post it here

Have you had much Vista feedback yet? I notice that Salamander doesn't seem to be integrated into the security aspects of Vista properly. I'll give you an example - one I quite commonly have. Connected a hard drive with an XP installation from another machine to my vista machine. Lots of it gives access denied when trying to access. From Salamander, edit the security so I have full control & full permissions - still gives denied message (in Salamander). However, accessing in Explorer and it prompts me to edit permissions (just a box to ok) - then I have access (and also in Salamander afterwards). Also, if trying to copy or delete a complete folder, Salamander fails on permissions, explorer prompts (which ironically is almost the other way round to how it happens in XP!)
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The temporary solution is run Salamander "As Administrator", but the real solution will come with Salamander 2.53 and full UAC elevation prompts.

Unfortunately, it means fundamental changes in Salamander core. It is not possible to elevate rights for the running process, so application must be divided into two processes. One (standard) process runs with low privilege token, while second process uses elevated rights (started through UAC prompt).

A lot of work to do...

Edit: changed version numbers: 2.6 to 2.51, 2.7 to 2.52, and 2.8 to 2.53
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