Making trial users buy

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Making trial users buy

Post by Georgd »


at stands concerning adding features to the freeware version in order to make Salamander more popular:
>I would'nt push the freeware version. I think 20 US$ are an adequate price.

I fully agree as the trial with full feature set can be used even longer than the 30 days.

I think it makes sense to put some positive nagging into the trial when the double of the trial period is over (=already longtime user), pushing people to buy the software. I think of a splash-screen
  • popping up when Salamander is brought to foreground (=user is wanting to do something and has Salamander in mind)
  • shown at least one hour after last display (not naggig too much)
  • filling the complete screen with white background (=user cannot read some stuff in the background/2nd monitor) and logo in foreground (per monitor)
  • staying for around 15secs (enough time 1) to nag, 2) to read the text, but not too bad/much)
  • printing the message "Is Salamander making your live easier and is it saving time? How much? 10 minutes a day? That's per month 300 minutes or 5 hours. Are 5 hours _per month_ not worth paying _once_ 36$ (or even less)? Click here/press Enter to see the pricing."
  • printing the text exactly in the middle of the rectangle the Salamander window is usually shown (avoids that the message is hard to read on multiple monitors as the dektop center is usually exactly at the edge)
  • eating all inputs to avoid accidents (although this is bad luck for macro recorder users - but who's doing macros with salamander without planning to use it long term thus having to buy it instead of using the trial??)
This way, people are directly pointed to the great cost-value ratio and thus may buy. Thoughts?