A FULL Archive of old versions?

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A FULL Archive of old versions?

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Greetings,i am building a private IT Museum & collecting old SW including old versions of file managers(Norton,Volkov,M602,WC,TC,FC,Salamander...) for historical reasons,exist an archive of all old versions of Salamander,from 1.0 or ideally 0.x(usually not published early development versions r marked bellow 1.0)?
My museum is NON-profit,no payments for visit exist & i do not plan it.Only donations,i receive,r in form of old SW & old HW.
Old SW of types allowed by law to be shared as orphanware,abandonware,shareware or freeware i will share only for free & only for non-commercial purposes,oldest file manager,i have in my collection is the ultimate predecessor of all file managers-Norton Commander 1.0,which i believe is abandonware & i offer it as my thanx for Your sharing of old versions of Salamander.
Please,mail me linx or files of old versions of Salamander & if U would like another historical SW,U may ask me in same mail,what i already have in archive or what U r looking for,if U r also an IT historian.
Live long & prosper & let others of all species live long & prosper too.
Do not do to others,what is hateful to U(i doubt,U would like to be eaten).
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Re: A FULL Archive of old versions?

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My deepest apologies for my awful English.
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