Salamander's 30 Standard Plugins

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Salamander's 30 Standard Plugins

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The below was posted for open public discussion on: ... d_plugins/

Salamander's 30 Standard Plugins
7zip, Automation, Checksum, Checkver, Dbviewer, Diskmap, Encrypt, Filecomp, Ftp, Ieviewer, Mmviewer, Nethood, Pak, Peviewer, Pictview, Regedt, Renamer, Splitcbn, Tar, Unarj' Uncab, Unchm. Undelete, Unfat, Uniso, Unlha, Unmime, Unrar, Wmobile, Zip

All seem to work well. I am not a programmer, but only a wordsmith, doing academic research in sociology topics.

The most powerful of the above, to me, are 7zip, File compare, and Renamer. These are far better & faster than most third party programs in both the Windows & Linux worlds.

Salamander's inbuilt CLI terminal is good enough for me. The other plugins are rarely used by myself, or are used with other 3rd party applications.
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Re: Salamander's 30 Standard Plugins

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Salamander does not have a built in CLI terminal. Its only a icon/button to launch the CMD.exe from windows.
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