Mention file attributes on overwrite

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Mention file attributes on overwrite

Post by mdruiter » 19 May 2015, 15:32

When I move files to a place where they already exist, I now get a confirmation dialog like this:
Confirm File Overwrite
Overwrite file:  B:\somepath\somefile
                 12.345, 04-04-2015, 12:12:12
With file:       D:\otherpath\somefile
                 23.456, 05-05-2015, 18:18:18
It would be great if this would also contain the file attributes. Especially when I overwrite readonly files!

Petr Solin
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Re: Mention file attributes on overwrite

Post by Petr Solin » 03 Dec 2016, 10:50

We have added this. It will be available in version 3.08.

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