Allow sep=, in Database Viewer

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Allow sep=, in Database Viewer

Post by mdruiter » 18 Dec 2014, 22:26

I use the Database Viewer all the time, mainly to view delimited text files. It works great most of the time. But sometimes, it uses the incorrect Separator :(. For instance because I have Tabulator as the default instead of Auto-Select, as that's by far the most common one in the files I use and the viewer guesses wrong every now and then. Of course I can solve that every time by choosing a specific separator, but it would be great if Salamander would 'guess right' more often. Wouldn't it be great if a file could specify its separator to know for sure?

Now Excel has a similar problem: if the file is called *.csv, it assumes as the value separator the List separator from the Regional Settings, which is the semicolon (;) over here in The Netherlands. Even though Comma-Separated Value files, due to their name, are widely expected to be separated by commas (,)...

Today I found out, that Excel can be forced into using a specific separator: just add a top line containing sep=,!
Wouldn't it be great if Salamander allowed this as well :idea: ? Just read, interpret and hide the sep=? line, then use the specified separator to interpret the rest of the file. Maybe optional using some option switch.

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Re: Allow sep=, in Database Viewer

Post by Ether » 20 Dec 2014, 22:11

Is this recognized by any other software than Excel?
Ελληνικά rulez.

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