When do you support the Unicode for servant salamander?

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When do you support the Unicode for servant salamander?

Post by exiter777 » 22 Dec 2005, 21:50


I'm Korean. and I liked servant salamander. but version 2 is bad. beacuse My Korean Name File don't move and copy other folders.

so I've use Total Commander Now. but I want to use a Servant Slamander. Because Servant Salamander have simple interface and many plug-In.

When do you support it to Unicode Language Users?

P.S Do you never support Unicode??

Jan Rysavy
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Post by Jan Rysavy » 22 Dec 2005, 22:15

We have the Unicode support on our Roadmap.

I cannot promise you when it will be implemented, we will decide during next year. We understand that Unicode support is a very important feature.

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Post by omega » 23 Dec 2005, 20:45

I believe it will not make it in v2.5 , you probably have to wait longer before unicode is implemented.


Post by joey » 07 Mar 2007, 08:20

I love SS. I'm also korean too.

I wanna hear Unicode support News.

First post was in 2005, but It's 2007.

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