Multiple Queues for Copy Operations

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Multiple Queues for Copy Operations

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one very great feature of SS ist the "Wait until all other.." Option with
Copy, Move etc. But no feature without future possibilitys.

1. I want an Option to set the flag as default for all Operations
2. Add more Operations to it, like Delete, ZIP, Compare...
3. Add more Queues. As IO ist the most slowest things on a computer I often start several IO Transfers. Say Computer A, Disk 1 to Computer B, Disk 1 and Computer A Disk 3 to Disk 2. Ich want different Queues for each Transfer. A Hint for Realisation: Inside the waiting dialog ad a dropdown list. Each running Task defines a Queue wich can be selected from all waiting Dialogs...
4. An Overview Dialog for all Queues for Reordering, Canceling....

I think, I should stop now...

Have a nice Christmas and a happy new Year

Greetings Peter

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Hear hear. The biggest turnoff in Servant Salamander is the lack of queues. I understands tha queues are a bitch to code but you really have to do it.

Queuing of all operations would be marvelous.
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