Shared Folders

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Shared Folders

Post by Mike12345 »

If i connect to a Computer (which is possible if i use the networkname of the machine) i'd like to see the shared folders of the machine.

I have tried to use the [Change Directory] Dialog but unfortunatly i must know the name of the shared folder (which i do not know for every of machine). It doesn't list the folders as windows explorer does.
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Post by SelfMan »

There is something planned for the future:
- Browsing network neigborhood in panel.
ALTAP Roadmap (updated 02/06/2006)
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Post by SvA »

Windows Explorer has two different completion aids, when entering a path e.g in it's address bar or in the filename box of an Open dialog box.

1) It suggests names and paths from a history list of previously use items.
2) It suggests files and folders that can be found on the system (disk, network, whatever) as an extention to the path already entered, very similar to the filename completion feature of the command shell. Thus, when you enter \\SERVER\ in Explorer's Address bar, al list of shares available on SERVER to the current user is presented to the user.

Browsing Network Neighborhood in a pannel obviously cannot fully replace that feature.

And I agree with Mike12345: This second feature is a handy gimmik which I'd like to see in Servant Salamander.
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