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Read SS-Settings from different Inifiles

Posted: 11 May 2006, 23:34
by Mike12345
Could you please implement an option in the Startup-Parameters
where i can give SS the path to a file where SS stores it's settings ?

I have one SS Installation but i'll use it at two, maybe more places (eg. Work, Home, Familiy). Obviously my settings for SS do not match at all places (i store my PDF-Viewer for Work at Harddisk Z:, at home it has drivenumber L: ( I'm using an USB-HD).

Could you please implement a feature where i can store my SS-Settings (Ini-File) and load them from different places (eg startup SS with parameter -f z:\ss\sshome.ini) ?

Posted: 12 May 2006, 00:06
by Stefan_alone_at_home
Hi Mike

right now you can use "Options|Export Config..."
to save your settings as e.g. Config_01.reg and Config_Home.reg.

In this export dialog you see an hint how to start Sala with one
of this saved Config_*.reg's.

But i hope too the settings are soon stored as INI :D (this is already planed)


Posted: 15 May 2006, 07:41
by Jan Rysavy
Starting Servant Salamander with parameters

SALAMAND.EXE [-L directory] [-R directory] [-C reg_file]