U3 Portable version

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U3 Portable version

Post by legion »

Are there any plans to maybe add a version that is U3 portable ?
Or is it allready possible to install and use independent of the install?

If so isnt an installer version possible. It is a growing market as far as i can tell. John Haller and the Portableapps.com site would be a nice platform to have a freeware/shareware version?

Just my humble oppinion.
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Post by owilsky »

I second that! I think what's needed is a version that does not save its configuration data to the registry.
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Craig L.

U3 oh yeah

Post by Craig L. »

That would be total awsome.... every where i go i install a verson of sal. If i had one that was on my thumb..... then life would be so fine for me


Post by Wyvern »

Ditto that!

Whenever I'm going somewhere else to give a little on-site support :wink: , I really miss my Salamander.

Post by Guest »

Please do a poll on this. Try to see if people would buy a portable file manager. Thank you.
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Post by McLion »

Absolutely Great Idea !!!

Post by Martin »

Were the developers kidnapped by Martians and taken away from the face of the world?

Portability is promised by officials from late 2005... now it is late 2008 and still NOTHING.

Please, make the portable version. And I believe that it is not just me.
Jan Rysavy
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