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User Menu Program parameter $(ListOfSelectedFullNames)

Posted: 04 May 2006, 16:16
by SvA
The advanced variable $(ListOfSelectedNames) should be accompanied by $(ListOfSelectedFullNames) which provides full path names for each file in the list.

Some programs act differently depending on whether they get a fully qualified file name, or just the name allone, e.g. it might search for any file by the given name on the whole disk or in subdirectories.

Other programs might require to be started in a certain working directory, either bacause they expect to find some resources there, or because they want to write some temporary file to their working dir, which might not be possible everywhere. Such programs will not find the files passed as parameters without full pathnames provided.

Posted: 14 May 2006, 22:34
by Petr Solin
OK, I have added $(ListOfSelectedFullNames). Thanks for good idea!

Posted: 14 May 2006, 23:53
by Stefan
Thanks Petr and Stefan.

One Question
did we need $(ListOfSelectedUNCNames) too ?

Often i am connected to an share without mapping this first. Than this would come in handy.
Sorry for commimg a bit to late.

Posted: 15 May 2006, 09:25
by Petr Solin
Stefan wrote:did we need $(ListOfSelectedUNCNames) too ?
I think that it's not needed. $(ListOfSelectedFullNames) contains list of names with path from panel or Find and it can be also UNC path.

Posted: 15 May 2006, 11:02
by AbteriX
> "with path from panel"

Ach so? O.K. Thank you.