User-Sub-Menu -- didn't pull-down on hoover

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User-Sub-Menu -- didn't pull-down on hoover

Post by AbteriX »

I use now more often user menus and found an problem whit sub-menus.

I want to drag & drop an file
to an tool who lays in the user-menu-bar...
... thats works fine !

But if my tool is part of a sub-menu in the user-menu-bar
i got an problem 'cos the sub-menu didn't "pull-down"
if i hoover my mouse with the dragged file over it
to drop it there.

Maybe this behaviour could be improved please ? i.e. if my mouse pointer
hoovers longer then 2sec. over an sub-menu, pull-down automaticly.

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Post by KNUT »

IMHO sub-Menus in the User menu are still rudimentary implemented.
Not good, but better than none :?

I think the Altap team promissed to improve the User-menu (in a next version...).
Kind regards, KNUT
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Post by omega »

Automatic pull down while dragging a file to the submenu might be a nice idea. Just don't like it if you just point the mouse over submenu and it will drop automatically. If i look at FireFox it causes delays if i move from one menu item to another menu item.

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