Improve Find-Focus behaviour to autoclose

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Improve Find-Focus behaviour to autoclose

Post by AbteriX »

Is it possible to "auto close" the Find-Dialog ?

It's a good thing that the find dialog stays open, but...

Little "interferingly" smts
...often i want simple to "focus" the file i have found again
and than the find dialog could be closed in that case at the same time.

If i could hold down the Ctrl-key (or Shift or Alt or...)
while i click on [Focus]
and the find dialog would focus the highlighted file
AND close the dialog for me
would be fine.

What do you think?
Is this an improvement?
Will that be implemented?

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Autoclose for find-window

Post by KNUT »

Sometimes an "auto-close" would be nice :D
(instead of having some unused find-windows in the task bar :? )
Kind regards, KNUT
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Post by maxovt »

Want to ask too for option in Find dialog "Close Find window on Focus".
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Post by Tomcat »

Yep, that would be a nice impovement. I like the idea of a modifier key. But why not make it also work with View, Edit, Delete and so on?
<modifier key>+<click icon> should auto close the find window, regardless what you click.

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