Special notifying sound for longer actions

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Special notifying sound for longer actions

Post by AbteriX »

Often i am away from the computer
if i do a longer action such as copy x GBs.

If in this time there is a question from salamander
i didn't notice this till i am come back, click OK, wait again, come back....

How about an setting like
[x] Use special notify/finish sound for actions taken [ 5] minutes and up.
Play [    BigBen.mp3] [...]       [ ] Repeat [ 3] times.

So we could hear more then a pling in that special cases.

Extra nice would be an check box in the copy dialog to enable this sound.

What do you think ?

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Re: Special notifying sound for longer actions

Post by KNUT »

AbteriX wrote:What do you think ?
Why not - nice idea :)
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