MD5 check sum handling improvement

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MD5 check sum handling improvement

Post by Stefan » 02 Apr 2006, 14:45

How can i easy check the MD5 hash of a single file?

Right now i have to create a new text file and paste the hash and the file name in it `?

I suggest this way:
- download a file
- select this file
- choose "Check sum verify"
- copy and paste the hash from the web side in an dialog
- the dialog should show "Verified" and "Store hash as *.md5..."   or   "miss match"

Or maybe in the "Calculate-Dialog" ?
- selcet a file
- choose "Calculate check sum"
- right click a file and paste the hash from the web side
- see "match"   or   "miss match"

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Post by AbteriX » 13 May 2006, 17:20

I use now an Hash-Tool from Dirk Paehl, DPA_SHA 1.96.ZIP ~80kB and Freeware.
That tool will do nearly what i want.

I have the dpasha.exe in my Plugin folder and an entry to it in my user menu.

If i wanna check an download i do the following:

1) Copy the hash from the webside to the clipboard....
and download the file



2) Drag and drop the downloaded file (here "DPA_SHA 1.96.ZIP") to the hash tool in the user menu bar



3) Press "<- Clipboard" to insert the hash from the clipboard,
maybe select an other hash type... (must be the same type as the hash at the webside)
and press "Compare"


That's all and simple.


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