Configurable command shell

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Re: Configurable command shell

Post by Jan Rysavy » 04 Dec 2015, 20:16

What about this. One edit line in AS configuration with drop-down button and menu containing variables (see for example User Menu or Renamer).

Default setup:
$[COMSPEC] $(Close:/C) $(Keep:/K) $(Params)

ConEmu setup:
"C:\Program Files\ConEmu\ConEmu.exe" /cmd $[COMSPEC] $(Close:/C) $(Keep:/K) $(Params)

$(Close:...), $(Keep:...), and $(Params) would be used only when needed.
Each variable could be used multiple times - once $(Close:...) for ConEmu, once $(Close:/C) for CMD, etc.

We can define another usage dependent variables, for example:
$(CmdLine:...) - for Command Line
$(UserMenu:...) - for User Menu
$(CmdShell:...) - for Command Shell

Would it be enough for invoking PowerShell?

EDIT: bad idea, too complicated.

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