Moving files to SUBST'ed drives

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Moving files to SUBST'ed drives

Post by azaz44 » 06 Jan 2012, 16:35

I reorganized my folders today and I'm using a subst'ed drive H: as my home folder. Very convenient.

SUBST H: C:\Work
(actually I made it with VisualSubst)

But now, when moving files between C: and H: drives (which are both C: in fact), Altap Salamander actually performs copying and then deleting files, like if these were different drives.

This might be called a 'feature', because a quick test shows Windows Explorer (I'm running Vista) is doing the same thing. But obviously AS is way better, so maybe it could handle this properly?

Jan Rysavy
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Re: Moving files to SUBST'ed drives

Post by Jan Rysavy » 06 Jan 2012, 18:08

I will move this issue to Feature requests section
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Re: Moving files to SUBST'ed drives

Post by » 06 Jan 2012, 21:20

And same can be applied to symlinked folders.
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Re: Moving files to SUBST'ed drives

Post by Georgd » 21 Apr 2012, 00:58

+1 as I'm extensively using subst (makes paths much shorter and many programs remember 1 directory per drive letter so with subst you've more remembered paths) and some symlinks
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